Important Informations
Visa Information

Croatia is an EU-country and entry visas are not required for EU-citizens and the most of European countries. Visa is also not required for Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, etc. For more detailed information on visa requirements you can check here.
All citizens of the countries for which entry visas are requested according to Visa Regulations of the Republic of Croatia must, as a rule, obtain the visas abroad prior to the entry into the Republic of Croatia. The Conference Organizers will provide Invitation Letter to facilitate Visa issuing on request.

Letter of invitation

Should you need an official “Letter of invitation” for any other reason, please let us know at your earliest convenience. When asking for the “Letter of invitation” please indicate the purpose.

Certificate of attendance

“Certificates of attendance” will be provided at the registration.

Confirmation of payment

A confirmation of payment will be sent to each participant upon paying the fees.
Please bring this confirmation to the registration desk as a proof of your registration.

Conference badges

All registered persons will receive a name-badge upon registration. Please wear the badge during both scientific and social events.

Local currency

Croatian local currency is Croatian Kuna. The current exchange rate between the Kuna and various world currencies can be found at the Croatian National Bank website. You can convert your currency in Kuna at every bank exposition, post offices, at the hotel or local exchange offices. Please do mind possible differences in the exchange rate that may occur between different money exchange service providers.

Insurance and Liability

Participants are recommended to seek insurance coverage for health and accident, lost luggage and trip cancellation. The Organisers are not liable for any loses, injuries or other damages.