Psychological state manic depression: exactly what does it feel just like?

Author: Mood Disorders Association of BC

Manic depression is a sickness that creates swings that are dramatic mood (amongst other signs). An individual with manic depression will alternate between durations of mania (elevated mood) and durations of despair (feelings of intense sadness). A person will have periods of normal mood in between these two extremes. To greatly help gain a much better knowledge of just just what it is like, mania and despair are described below.

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  • Mania
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"I experienced instances when we felt fantastic, a lot better than we ever endured.

We felt I set my mind to like I could do anything. My efficiency at the job soars and I work late in to the evening.

Then out of the blue, i am drowning in despair. I can not get right up within the morning to head to work and I also feel my entire life isn't well worth living. Treatment...