I have already been buddy zoned by some guy who had been extremely intimate emotionally beside me

That, i have to state, is a good and mind-set that is peaceful have. Many thanks for highlighting the fact often, we have done most of the right things however the individual is simply not in tune to react them to as we would like. Relief…; )

He explained he saw me personally as being a close buddy whenever I told him I experienced emotions for him. We have become remote nevertheless now he keeps chasing me personally. He claims things such as “I will Not alow u to go out of my life”, “you are forbidden become mad or upset with me”, he keeps delivering me personally their photos ( while he is on a holiday, selfies etc. ”

We reply politely but my reaponses are short one liners.

But we don’t understand this so what does he desire.

We went throught this with a man called Chandler on / off 2 yrs. I was...