Solidarity Payment Details on the Solidarity re Payment is provided in a subsequent part below.

As announced on 06 April 2020, the federal government is supporting Singaporean households with direct money in hand, to aid Singaporeans and families through this challenging amount of fighting COVID-19.

More information had been announced in this news release on 12 2020 april.

Just click here for a summary regarding the Solidarity Payment and what you should do to get it.

Crucial Note: watch out for Scammers (updated 14 Apr). ESSENTIAL NOTE: WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is mindful that there could be people impersonating the national government or Ministry of Finance that are wanting to get banking account details from naive people of the general public.

Eligible recipients for the recently established Solidarity Payment, who possess perhaps perhaps perhaps not formerly provided banking account details to your federal federal federal Government for such payouts, should submit the important points just via these websites that are official https: // (for Singapore people)...