Calling My Dating App Matches for the “Chemistry Check” Saved Me time that is*So* much

It absolutely was the difference between placing a bra on and remaining in, peeps.

Danny* and I also had plans for Friday evening at 8 p.m. Well, at the very least I was thinking we did. Once I texted him around 5 p.m. Suggesting we hit up a classic Western mixology saloon conveniently near to my apartment and where i simply so occurred to go out of my phone charger the night prior to, he never ever responded.

We waited a hours that are few nevertheless, no reaction. Had been it a flag that is red we destroyed my phone charger? Did he hate saloons? Had been we too pushy utilizing the location recommendation? I’ll can't say for sure because even if I woke up the next morning, anticipating an apology text, the only real message I experienced ended up being from my mom.

We vented to my buddy and coach that is dating Recenello about...