Viet Nam Wedding Custom

Wedding is vital to Vietnamese, not just to the couple involved, but in addition for both families. Hence, it will always be including a number of ritual that is formal. The marriage day is normally selected well ahead of time by the groom plus the bride’s moms and dads

Based on practices of particular cultural teams, wedding includes different actions and relevant procedures, but truth be told there are a couple of primary ceremonies:

Le an hoi (betrothal ceremony): time ahead of the wedding, the groom along with his household look at the bride and round lacquered boxes to her family called betrothal gift suggestions consists of gift ideas of areca pea pea nuts and betel renders, tea, dessert, fruits, wines as well as other delicacies covered with red cloth and carried by unmarried girls or males. Both families consent to select a great time for wedding.

Le cuoi (wedding service): visitors will...