Just how to ask a brand new buddy about his sex?

A weeks that are few, we came across a guy, and now we began a friendship. We are nevertheless getting to understand one another, but over the years I have actually increasingly more reasons why you should think he's got various interests than I (a heterosexual man) do, though we met in individual only twice, and then he never ever told this explicitly.

To be clear: i prefer him as someone, we'd have positively zero issue he is LGBT, and I already made light, indirect hints to this with it if. Nevertheless, it'd be good to learn if that is certainly the way it is for certain - hell, I myself work jokingly as he hasn't met the friends if I am gay rarely with close friends - though I've never done this around this friend yet and.

I do not wish to treat him differently. However, if he is homosexual, and he did not "come away" if you...