Domestic physical physical violence is profoundly rooted in problems of power, inequality and control.

What can cause violence that is domestic?

There are numerous fables and realities about domestic-violence surrounding violence that is domestic including this is certainly due to:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Psychological infection
  • Previous experiences of physical violence or punishment

The stark reality is, nonetheless that it really is brought on by a misuse of energy by anyone (usually male) over another. Behaviour is often a selection and people whom perpetrate domestic physical violence do this to have what they need and also to gain control.

Why don’t they keep?

Leaving an abusive relationship is a tremendously long and process that is difficult. This can be made problematic for a variety of reasons. If some body is experiencing violence that is domestic they might:

  • Feel frightened and uncertain about what the future shall hold
  • Feel frightened when it comes to kiddies
  • Feel it is within the children’s...