Why Some people that are straight Have Gay Intercourse

Six forms of self-identified straight individuals take part in various intimate hookups.

Published Nov 04, 2018


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With regards to pure figures, we realize that the great majority of the that have homosexual intercourse determine as straight — and also this holds true for both people. I’ve written about a few of these gents and ladies who, if offered an option on questionnaires, identify because mostly right instead of solely right (Savin-Williams, 2017). In addition, some males, particularly in rural areas, have actually dude-sex” or“bud-sex” for many different reasons.

But this really is just area of the story, as Kuperberg and Walker recently discovered. Using a sizable sample of university students (N 24,000), they especially dedicated to people who stated that they've been directly, and yet their final intimate experience ended up being by having a same-sex individual. Their objective in evaluating the reason why with this...