5 reasons dads that are single cautious about dating

A single dad might baulk at dating again from being protective of their kids to just looking after their own heart, JC Clapham outlines the real reasons.

I’m a dad’ that is‘single. That term can indicate a few various things, also it holds a couple of several types of what some would call ‘baggage’.

Yes this means I’m a dad and the dadding is done by me on my personal without having a partner. And yes, it means I happened to be when really relationship that is serious somebody I'd young ones with, and that is still attached to my entire life and constantly will soon be, to some extent.

While that’s not a good reason I’m cautious about dating once more, it may be for many dads, based on their ex. There are various other reasons too:

1. Us time together is protected and precious

I’m a solitary dad. And while I’m truly the only adult during my household, I’m additionally a ‘co-parent’: my children’s mother...