So what does It Mean to Be a “Top” or a” that is“Dominant Lesbian Intercourse?

Hello and welcome to part two of your show about what the hell we suggest once we state “top, ” “bottom” or “switch”! Final week we discussed bottoms and submissives, and also this week we’re dealing with tops and dominants. Let’s go into it.

The Tops, Bottoms and Switches Intercourse Survey

Three weeks hence, we introduced you with a study about these slippery terms, and over 3.6k people turned up to fairly share their tops and bottoms with me. They are the demographics for the participants:

Demographics of Sex Survey Respondents // sex arab hd Age: Under 18 (1.2%), 18-24 (25%), 25-34 (56%), 35-44 (14%), 44+ (4.5%) // Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (43.4%), Queer (30%), Bi or Pansexual (19%), Gay (6.2%), Other (1%) // Gender Identity: Cis girl (71.2%), Trans girl (3.4%), Non-Binary or woman that is genderqueer9.5%), Non-Binary or Genderqueer Individual (7.6%), Other (8.2%) // Relationship Status: Single or Dating, not sex that is having...