We Tell You Exactly ABout Vanilla Sex And Chocolate Intercourse

I’ve for ages been vaguely irritated by the phrase “vanilla intercourse” and now I’ve worked down why.

For anybody whom don’t ever look over any such thing ever, vanilla intercourse means “normal” intercourse. You realize, the act that is whole of it inside and out and shaking all of it about. Making the beast aided by the two backs. Shagging. Bouncing in the nasty trampoline. An such like.

More correctly though, this means “normal” intercourse when mentioned by those who would love to indicate that what they do isn’t “normal” intercourse. That the fundamental work simply does not buy them down since they are complicated and edgy. Ergo vanilla, supposedly probably the most boring of ice-cream flavours, although really we find chocolate more boring.

Now everybody might do long lasting hell they like when you look at the bed room, so long as it is done between more than one consenting grownups. No protest is had by me here. Just...