Bay of Plenty Kingfish – how to locate and catch kingis


Jigging was all of the craze a years that are few but has gradually faded through the strength it as soon as had. You can still find a couple of who jig for kingfish, and I also have always been some of those whom nevertheless think it’s great. There's nothing more fun than speed jigging for kingfish, utilizing a technique where you fall your jig towards the base and recover it since fast as it is possible to. This action that is simple to excite the kingfish into feeding mode, in addition to hits you receive may be amazing.

The dimensions of jigs utilized varies according to water level and present, and undoubtedly line fat utilized. A great guideline if utilizing 10kg line is the fact that a 100-gram jig should always be utilized as well as for 15kg, a jig that is 150-gram. Often weightier jigs might need to be employed to keep carefully the relative line as vertical that...