May be the Super Bowl actually the U.S.'s sex trafficking magnet that is biggest?

NY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - By having a million party-minded soccer fans flocking to Minneapolis for Sunday’s Super Bowl - dubbed the biggest trafficking occasion in america - a large number of agencies are gearing as much as bust criminal systems and rescue victims.

Minneapolis authorities states it's working together with 23 police force agencies, patrolling the net to focus on individuals sex that is buying and monitoring resorts for intercourse trafficking.

As the anti-slavery team Polaris will soon be staffing up its anti-trafficking hotline, its leader Bradley Myles cautioned against painting the country’s largest sporting occasion being an intercourse trafficking magnet.

“All this might be, is really a snapshot that is one-day just just just what otherwise is a 365-day problem,” he told the Thomson - find your indian bride Reuters Foundation.

“The exact same traffickers which can be committing trafficking . They’re planning to get up each...