Caregiving, work, task search, and leisure: The time usage of prime-age grownups

In a recently available Hamilton Project strategy paper, “Labor Force Nonparticipation: Trends, forces, and Policy Solutions, ” Jay Shambaugh, Ryan Nunn, and Jana Parsons take an extensive glance at the impediments to work force involvement. Many of the obstacles they

Lauren Bauer

Other - Economic Studies, The Hamilton Venture

Emily Moss

Research Assistant - The Hamilton Project

In this analysis, we examine exactly just how prime-age (many years 25–54) both women and men allocate their time, general and also by parental status. We call awareness of two ideas highly relevant to increasing labor pool involvement prices: work search and caregiving. Job search includes those activities—checking work postings, publishing applications, finding your way through an meeting, so forth—that assist you in finding a task. (more…)