Trip attendant union warns of "catastrophic" fire danger from e-cigarettes on planes

The pres >wants the FAA to ban e-cigarettes from planes because their lithium-ion batteries could possibly be a fire risk. Lithium-ion batteries power just about any smart phone we have actually — however the concern about vaping products comes from the simple fact they frequently utilize cheaper batteries to power them, increasing worries they are more prone to fail and produce a fire .

In February, free lithium-ion batteries sparked a fire aboard a Delta journey although it sat during the gate. Those batteries come in e-cigarettes – just like the the one that caught fire into the TSA line in Charleston, western Virginia. As well as in Savannah, Georgia, battery pack for the vape pen ended up being blamed after having a case began smoking at protection.

At the least 265 incidents involving batteries have actually been reported to your FAA since 1991, and FAA information shows at least 48 e-cigarette associated smoke or fire incidents...