Temporary remain visa process in Serbia (common legislation visa)

Have you been in the act of obtaining a staying that is temporary in Serbia? Would you like to you will need to use your self with no assistance of a company? In that case, you may find this website post useful as I’ve simply been through the procedure myself. I shall layout most of the odds and ends I had to submit that I went through as well as the documents.

Until this very day, We have had 2 work permits and remaining licenses within the last two years. Nevertheless, when I left my past work, we lost my licenses, therefore I had to proceed through this procedure once more but this time around with no assistance of HR.

This visa varies from my past visas since this time we used my license according to a common-law relationship (non-married community since it is called in Serbia). We reside with my fiance, but we have been perhaps perhaps perhaps not yet hitched...