Often this is at a time when pupils are practising the written methods for long multiplication and division, fractions and percentages. This calculator features a 4-line LCD display, which allows you to perform multiple functions simultaneously. This is a graphing calculator with a large LCD screen, which makes it very convenient to use. It also looks alright, while one of its main sell points is the fact that this calculator is incredibly cheap. It’s more than 10 times cheaper than some of the calculators we previously reviewed.

  • The fact that the city was pretty empty, I always got caught by the cops within a few minutes, and there was no real point to exploring the world didn’t matter to me.
  • If you’ve got an Xbox One, or Xbox One X, this should be one of the first games you check out – even if you usually prefer more hardcore-style racers.
  • The simply named Truck Driver from Sodesco is a driving sim-lite, purely focused on driving big rigs in a mix of open road...