Four Wives—One Guy Directed by Nah

American Institute for Yemeni Studies


2007, 76 moments, color. Generated by Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, fifth Floor, nyc, NY 10013, http: //www.

Four Wives—One guy is fundamentally in regards to a polygynous household in rural Iran. It starts with two written statements: “The Quran: ‘Marry two, three, or four wives whenever you can pay for sic it, ’” and “In Iran polygamy is located primarily in rural areas. ” These are followed closely by a dazzling scene of females and kids joking and playing for a golden mountain of recently harvested grain. The movie continues with photographic shots of each and every associated with four spouses, associated with sound bites of the own sounds presenting on their own. Finally, we come across the spouse, Heda. Standing close to him is his son, subtly parodying their daddy's stance, but there's no associated noise bite to introduce him. (more…)