I’ve seen and heard numerous Hmong individuals use bride cost and dowry interchangeably, nevertheless their meanings are particularly various

Merriam Webster describes bride cost as “a re payment provided by or perhaps in behalf of the potential spouse to the bride’s family…. ” Therefore, essentially, its cash or items that the groom provides towards the bride’s family members on her behalf hand in wedding. Dowry is “the cash, items, or property that a lady brings to her spouse in wedding. ”

Whenever talking about Hmong weddings, the bride pricing is the nqi tshoob (cost of the marriage), nqi taub hau (cost of the bride’s mind), nqi poj niam (cost of a spouse), or nqi mis nqi hno (cost for the bride’s parents’ nurture and nutrition). (These 4 terms will be the most often utilized Hmong czech mail order brides free terms for bride cost). (more…)