Ask Scary Mommy: I Read My Tween’s Diary And Discovered Out She’s Gay

Dear Scary Mommy,

I will be confident my 11-year-old daughter is really a lesbian–okay fine! –We read her diary. I am aware my child features a crush on a woman inside her course. How do you allow her to understand she can turn out if you ask me? Can I ask her straight that we can get it out in the open if she likes girls so? I truly don’t care! I recently want her to understand I adore her unconditionally.

Oof. Personally I think this on therefore many amounts. We shall arrive at the journal, but first I would ike to deal with the actual fact you are currently regarding the right way to strengthening your daughter’s emotional safety, that will buffer her self-confidence and pleasure if she does determine somewhere across the LGTBQIA+ rainbow. Unfortunately, a lot of moms and dads provide love that is filled with buts and if-then statements. Them show it, withhold help...