Why Do Guys Wear Marriage Rings? (And Just Why Some Do Not)

Prince William's choice to forgo putting on a marriage band has ruffled several feathers, but, historically talking,his option actually is not all of that uncommon.

The marriage band tradition extends back centuries, at the least for females. Archaeologists are finding proof that ancient Egyptian brides wore marriage rings, but wedding bands for males failed to come right into vogue through to the second an element of the final century. During World War Two, soldiers started putting on the bands as being a reminder of these spouses, plus the tender gesture spread.

Today, a lot of grooms decide to wear their rings being a sign of the love and devotion . However some, like Prince William, choose to not -- a choice very often invites inquiries.

"People might be dubious of Prince William's decision to not ever wear a marriage band because history is replete with kings and princes whom neglected to satisfy...